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„Website, indeed!”

We built the CoAction website from scratch. Its strength lies in clearly communicating a comprehensive range of services. Take a look at the details of our work and see a few tricks to maintain the attention of Internet users.

Our client


CoAction Business Language Trainers provides foreign language trainers for business. The trainers are brought together by Przemek Fidzina, teacher and company head. Special features:

  • attention to the team’s professionalism,
  • an individual approach to each client.



The purpose of the website


The main aim of the website was to present the offer in an attractive and clear manner and to facilitate more direct contact with business clients. And as a result, to increase sales.


The key challenge


The biggest problem to solve when designing how to communicate CoAction BLT’s services online was how to simplify them. No less important was to clearly distinguish them from a typical language school.


What we did


  1. We analyzed the portfolio of services and target groups with the client.
  2. We used this to make the service structure more easily comprehensible.
  3. We determined what was most important about the teaching methodology for the business client and how to adjust the website's narrative accordingly. Only once this was understood did we:
  4. prepare content,
  5. do the graphic design,
  6. program and implement the new website.


The secret to success, or: how we did it


Less is more

We spent a lot of time discussing the shape of CoAction BLT’s offer with Przemek Fidzina – from the target group, through a detailed description and illustrations, to a clear pricing of services. It was also important to leave the possibility of comparing certain variants of services. We did this using tables of course features.



Meanwhile, to find another similar service in the CoAction BLT offer, we used modules with suggestions at the bottom of each page.



People love people

Teachers are real physical people. It is with them that the clients will be spending tens of intensive hours. For that reason, we based the communication strategy on interpersonal relations. The unconventional interests and experience of Przemek Fidzina’s trainers represented a huge potential to attract customers. We exploited that because we were fully aware and convinced that they were just the people that businesses are looking for. The Coaction BLT team was fresh from a photo session, so we had great material to revitalise the site.



As you can see, we devoted a separate subpage to each trainer along with a form to contact each of them.



Proprietary methods

CoAction BLT runs courses using its own method. The challenge lay in how to show it in a way that pulled people in, rather than boring them, and to reveal all the details that give CoAction BLT their competitive advantage in the business courses market.



If you're bored, play!

Quizlet is an open online flashcard application for language learning. CoAction BLT has its own profile in the application, which guarantees fun for its clients even in their free time away from their course. We decided to use this feature in the form of a link to a game, which allows a relationship with site visitors to be maintained, even if they don’t find the offer they are looking for.

Ending with SEO

After completing and formatting all content relating to their service, down to the final wording and appearance of the website came the thankless task of every copywriter – Search Engine Optimisation. We re-edited the text with this in mind (e.g. by adding what was for us a sub-heading – "English for businesses and individuals – Warsaw" using an <h1> tag). We included other keywords in the content of the rather distant home page module. This increased the ranking of the site in the Google search engine, and we did not lose much of the readability and linguistic communicative effectiveness of the website’s main components.

After all, it's not Google's bots that we need to persuade about the Business English courses. The clients we are communicating with shouldn’t have to be extracting our message from a string of keywords. It is better that they save their energy for more important things, such as learning a language ;-)


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Tomasz Stradomski

CEO & Founder, CodeProud


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