Custom Systems & Integrations

Custom Systems & Integrations

When the ready to use tools are not enough or you need to integrate them



Custom-made solutions for businesses

We understand that every business, be it a corporation or a start up – has their own unique business needs. This is why we specialise in tailor-made IT solutions. We are able to design your dedicated platforms and integrate your existing systems with external applications.

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Lead management systems

Never miss another chance to generate a new lead. We know what it’s like to be snowed under with emails, telephone calls and customer queries. Your team might be simply too busy to spot a promising business opportunity. It’s time to provide them with the tools they need to maximise their efficiency. Our solutions will allow them to easily manage multiple queries from prospective and new customers and to streamline processes such as sales and customer services.

Some of our most notable clients – Poczta Polska (The Polish Postal Service) and companies such as LG, Eden and Connectis - are already reaping the benefits of these products. Another really useful platform we created is YouLead – a solution that allows you to automate the process of generating online leads.

Custom-made integrations

Does your organisation use many different databases, tools and web-based applications? If so, then get in touch to find out how we can help you integrate them. Our custom-made integrations will make sure that data sent between the systems is secure and that the speed and performance of your applications is up to scratch, so you can concentrate on what’s really important – your business.

We are able to integrate your systems with our automated lead generation system (YouLead), with email marketing tools (e.g. Freshmail), with online payment platforms (e.g. PayU), social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and with any other system, as long as we can access its API.

White label

We are open to work with you as a ‘White label’ company, if that is what you need.  This means that we will design and implement the solutions under the umbrella of your brand, without your clients being aware of our involvement in the project.

Our approach

What makes us CodeProud?
It’s simple – in all our projects, we think of and focus on three key areas:

User experience
Before we set off to do something, we always ask ‘Why do this?’. Logical processes and information architecture, as well as creating superb user experiences, are key to our success.
Ease of communication
Effective communication with our clients is a top priority for us. This way we can deliver exactly what you want. To make sure communication is smooth, we work in an Agile environment and use a variety to tools to share vital information with our clients.
All our software solutions are thoroughly tested. We design and run penetration tests, as well as functional and usabilty tests.


that we use:

What else could we do for you?

Mobile Design & Development
iOS or Android? We will help you to choose the platform and to prepare the app on any of them. It should be handy, esthetic and indispensable, shouldn't it?
Web Design & Development
Do you need a web page or a web site? Do you have an idea for a business or a tool in internet? We will design it in the way it is useful and beautiful. The reliable Umbraco system will ensure the safety of your content management.

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